Jianlin Xu

Senior Software Engineer

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I’m Piasy (Jianlin Xu). I receive my Bachelor degree on Computer Science in Tsinghua University at 2015. Now I’m leading the client SDK team at Powerinfo. I appreciate technology, and enjoy dealing real-life challenge with technology. Now I’m focusing on media streaming technology, but my sight will never be limited in it. I think solving valuable problems with team members, efficiently and reliably, is the most important thing when building a product. To achieve this, critical thinking, ability to learn new things, and collaborating with others are key points. My dev blog is http://blog.piasy.com/, and my GitHub profile is https://github.com/Piasy/.



  1. Android Development
  2. Java
  3. Beego


Senior Software Engineer 2017.02-now
Beijing Youluoshidai Technology Co.,Ltd. (Startup)

Android Engineer 2015.05-now 1. Design, develop and maintain the company App Android client: YOLO, a mobile live streaming App.
2. Participate the project from scratch, including prototyping, Android client architecture design and improvement, backend architecture improvement, and evolvement of the whole company.
3. Build and lead the Android team, continuously delivering our Android App.
4. Refactor the essential part of Android project, follow the best practice of OOP and design pattern.
5. Keep improving my knowledge on Android platform, and become a fan of open source, innovation, and knowledge sharing. Giving a public talk about Android model layer architecture at GDG Android Meetup.
6. Learn about procedure of backend API development and deployment.

Keywords: Network layer architectureModel layer architectureYaMvp、IM integration、Camera input(open source soon)、Voice input and output、TDD、OkBuckAndroidTDDBootStrapUnderstand great libraries、Entrepreneurship is hard

XueBa(Beijing) technology development Co., LTD (Startup)

R&D Internship 2014.10-2015.03 1. Develop and maintain the Android client of college student social App: Young;
2. Android automated UI testing(using Espresso test kit);
3. My first time attending production project, the moving fast style meets my pursuing of technical skill very well. And I also learn about how startup works.
4. Dependency injection, reactive programming, and RESTful API… all those modern developing ways catch me up.
5. Introduce automated testing into project, build reliable App more efficiently.

Keywords: automated testing、reactive programming、dependency injection、RESTful API、agile development、moving fast

Baidu, Inc.

R&D Internship 2014.08-2014.10 1. Maintain a log service system: pipal;
2. Understand the Service Oriented Flyweight Architecture system: sofa;
3. Learn about how big company in China works, and the daily workflow of them.
4. Their weekly internal knowledge sharing is really great!

Keywords: big company、knowledge sharing

Open Source

An Android TDD bootstrap project, with well designed architecture and collection of awesome libraries, including TDD / code coverage / CI / code quality integration. Aiming to be a good start point of new project, with practice and feedback from two production project.
A Gradle plugin, help Android developers to utilize the super fast build system BUCK with several lines configuration. It has been transferred to Uber at Sep. 2016.
Big image viewer supporting pan and zoom, with very little memory usage and full featured image loading choices. Powered by Subsampling Scale Image View, Fresco, Glide, and Picasso.
Build safely Android App, no more Activity not found, Activity state loss and NPE during fragment transaction!
The Chinese translation of blog series Advanced Reactive Java http://akarnokd.blogspot.com/.


Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation 2017.02-2017.05 Learn and understand basic idea and principle of deep learning: logistic regression, gradient descent, back propagation, etc. Learn and implement major deep learning networks: CNN, RNN, LSTM, GAN, etc. Use popular deep learning tools and platforms: TensorFlow, Jupyter Notebook, FloyedHub, etc. Program GitHub repository.
Tsinghua University
Bachelor degree on Computer Science 2011-2015 2nd freshman award of 2011 grade, rewarding the top 10 student of each province in the College Entrance Exam; attending courses including Data structure, Design pattern, Computer Network, Operating System, Introduction to Search Engine, Service Oriented Archtecture, etc. GPA is 92.1 in 100, top 9 students in 129; doing research in lab about mobile App sucurity analyse and mobile cloud storage optimization, publishing one paper on Tsinghua Science and Technology, with 22 citations by middle 2016.

Piasy Xu — xz4215@gmail.com — (86) 188-1065-6221 — GitHub pageLinkedIn pageDev blog中文版